Early Adopters Stand a Chance to Win 10 billion JPO Tokens at Launch

Jupiter Orbit BSC Token on Binance Smart Chain

The initial problems were based on the general issues of crypto and token prospects who habitually FOMO due to the excessive reward figures that DeFi projects do have.

Consequently, early buyers with high staking rewards do drive these prospects out of the market and in the long run, such tokens collapse from the fantasy and illusion of their value.

With Jupiter Orbit’s three major mechanisms, not only is their security for the value of its tokens, no holder is left out as there are rewards for everyone.

Jupiter Orbit is a community-centric and one-of-a-kind smart chain-based protocol token. It proffers the RFI static rewards mechanism, the token burn mechanism, and an Academic Liquidity pool.

RFI Token Mechanism

RFI which stands for Reflect Finance is an advanced ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain that reconceptualizes the DeFi yield generation mechanism into a frictionless one with a juicy static reward. In simple terms, RFI builds yield generation mechanisms into its principal smart contract code instead of depending on other DeFi protocols.

The static reward mechanism adopted by JPO solves quite a chunk of fundamental issues; RFI rewards are based on the volume of tokens being traded. This is very simple, JPO is a static reward token, naturally, and owners are to hold. The crux with JPO is that reward percentages are based on the total volume of tokens a holder has. By this, the downward sell pressure put on tokens as a result of early adopters who usually sell their tokens after farming reaches High APY’s. So, the more JPO tokens you hold and trade, the more your reward.

The second of JPO’s Mechanisms is the Academic Liquidity Pool

This mechanism works to create a solid price floor and to achieve this, it combines tokens from both buyers and sellers and automatically adds them into the liquidity pool. As another reward for holders, it also secures the volume of JPO tokens.

The transaction fee is pegged at 10% and it is immediately divided into three; 5% is redistributed to all existing holders, 3% is distributed to research and development wallet for exchange listings, marketing, team expansion and product development and the remaining 2% is converted into LP and locked FOREVER.

With all these mechanisms with juicy benefits, JPO is ready to hit the token market and to celebrate this; it will be hosting a competition where you stand a chance to win 10 billion JPO tokens at its Launch.

The Competition

The 10 billion JPO token competition is open to every interested adopter of JPO tokens and participation is done in very easy steps.

Just head on to its Twitter Account, Follow, like, tweet, and retweet the competition tweet and voila!, you are on your way to being 10bilion JPO richer.

Finally, it might interest you to know that JPO will also have a swap site built on the Binance platform called Jupiter Switch and a data aggregator called Jupiter Data. The Jupiter Data is an App that will be available on both Android and IOS. This App will serve as the most trusted source of information about the crypto industry. So, what are you waiting for?

JupiterOrbit is a community-centric and one of a kind Binance smart chain-based protocol. It offers RFI static DeFi rewards and operates with a token burn mecha